Banana Ape Garden is a Defi Game on the Avalanche Blockchain with the aim of building secure and trustable decentralized applications for its members. Banana Ape Garden (BAG) coin is a fork of the famous “Fisherman Joe” and “The Piggy Garden”. The recommended exchange for trading BAG is going to be Trader Joe. Please always cross- check the token address against the BAG address provided! After you bought your BAG you can participate in the Banana Ape Garden game.

Simply Raise your apes and watch your supply of Bananas grow.

The apes you raise will live in our forest and cannot be unstaked. As a reward they will give you nutritious bananas everyday.

Approve: Enter the amount you want to stake and press approve.

Raise Apes: Enter your desired BAG amount to raise Apes. Note: The internal Ape price is calculated by an algorithm and constantly changes according to the amount you put in, the amount of circulating Apes and the amount of Bag that is in the contract. If you raise more Apes later, the system will automatically use your earned Bananas as well. Therefore make sure to sell your Bananas first if you don’t want to use it.

Compound: After your Apes have made Bananas you can use the COMPOUND button to compound and raise more Apes.

Sell Bananas: Sell your earned Bananas to BAG. The BAG will be sent to your wallet. Note that the 12% BAG transaction fee is applied when you sell your Bananas. Are there any fees?

There is a 12% transaction fee on BAG which is added to the liquidity as well as a 2% in-game Dev fee.

There is no fixed changing rate. Everything depends on the actual market and rate is changing.

There is no fixed changing rate. Everything depends on the actual market and rate is changing.

No, the Fees are 12% on every Coin Movement and 2% Dev Fee In game on Selling. The Exchange rate from 1 Bananas to BAG is not 1:1!

ANYTIME! No matter when you raise Apes, you will begin to produce bananas at a return rate of approx. 3% daily. Don’t forget that the cost of raising a Ape will change daily, so you may earn more than 3%

You can compound your Bananas and raise more Apes as often as you like. Or you sell your banana for BAG. Everyone has their own strategy and it is really up to you! ????

It is sustained by the continued trust and support of the community. The main difference is that Banana Ape Garden contains measures to discourage investors dumping their BAG to crash the price and, even on the opposite side, REWARDS the reinvestment of your yield with banana.

You can either use an app with a dApp browser and choose the Metamask/Injected option or simply use any web browser that you want and choose WalletConnect to connect to your wallet´s app on your phone.

In the long run, reinvesting your earnings will be more profitable than selling your Apes since you will have the chance to increase the number of Apes through the usage of your yield. By increasing the amount of Apes growing in your garden, you are multiplying your profits on a daily basis!

Once your AVAX wallet is connected to Banana Ape Garden, you will notice your referral address appears in the designated “referral section”. When a user use his banana, after clicking your personal referral link, the contract will send a BAG value of his stake instantly to your Ape stall, located in your garden. After that, you’re free to use that earnings to raise more Apes and improve your daily income from the dApp or to simply sell the bananas.

Let’s say you raise 6000 Apes at 100 BAG.
If the price stays the same, you would earn ∼3% that day.
If you raise 6000 Apes at a 100 BAG price, and the next day the Apes price falls down to 3000 Apes per 100 BAG, that day you will earn ∼9%.
If you hire 6000 Apes for 100 BAG and the next day the price of 9000 Apes becomes 100 BAG, that day you will earn ∼3%.
When you hire a Ape you start generating bananas daily from the time of purchase. From there the price of Apes will fluctuate depending on the amount of purchases of Apes and the amount of Bananas sold.
If you only dedicate yourself to withdrawing your earnings and never reinvest, in the long run it might hurt your earnings.
The value of Apes will rise and you will need more of them to keep up with the earnings – your hired Apes will be producing less Bananas over time.
If you reinvest your earnings instead and keep increasing the number of Apes, you will add a percentage to your daily percentage or keep it.
The secret here is to add the largest number of Apes to withstand the Apes inflation over time and continue to revalue your Apes and from time to time withdraw your earnings.
Even if your daily earnings are less than 3%, each time you reinvest, your new Apes start generating a 3% of yield again, since you bought at the current price of the Apes that day.
The Apes that you already bought can recover their value if they go back up to the price you bought them at.